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  • Gordon Setter Temperament and Personality

    Gordon Setter Temperament and Personality

    It would all really depend on how the dog is raised. But generally, Gordon Setter is classified as a highly intelligent dog of bold character. Whatever you perceive your Gordon Setter to be, it will most probably still stick to how they want to be on their own. In this

  • Gordon Setter Dog Breed Origin and History

    Gordon Setter Dog Breed Origin and History

    The Gordon Setter dog breed originates in Scotland although its history extends back many hundreds of years throughout the British Isles. Containing both the genetic ancestors of the Irish and English Setter, the Gordon Setter is a distinct and unique dog breed. Originally called a Black and Tan Setter and

  • Gordon Setter Dog

    Gordon Setter Dog

    Origin: Scotland Life Expectancy: 10-12 years Height Range: 23-27 inches Weight Range: 55-80 Ibs Colors: Black/tan Temperament: The Gordon Setter breed is known for its loyalty,obediance, and kindness. A devoted, polite, gentle dog, they are make great family companions and do very well with children. They are very loyal to

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