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  • German Pointers Dog Breed Origin and History

    German Pointers Dog Breed Origin and History

    The origin of the German Pointer dog breed, or German Shorthaired Pointer, is not entirely clear, though the breed does come from Germany and has been more or less known since the 1600s. As with other pointing dogs related to German Pointers, their ancestors include various pointing and hunting dogs

  • German Pointer Dogs Personality

    German Pointer Dogs Personality

    German Pointers are a beautiful sporting dog breed. They are renowned for being excellent family pets and capable of hunting on land as well as in water. The dog was first introduced during the 17 th century. They were bred as hunting dogs and came from a cross between the

  • German Shorthaired Pointer Dog

    German Shorthaired Pointer Dog

    Origin: Germany Life Expectancy: 12-15 years Height Range: 23-25 inches / Bitches 21-23 inches Weight Range: 55-70 Ibs Colors: Liver, liver and white, white patched, tan, brown, or roan. Temperament: German Shorthaired Pointers are an extremely energetic breed. Smart, cheerful, friendly and easy to please, this breed loves children and

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