• Akita Dogs: Intelligent and Fearless Dogs

    Akita Dogs: Intelligent and Fearless Dogs

      Akita dogs are very intelligent dogs. They are also known for their fearlessness and spontaneity. While these traits make Akita dogs every dog owner’s dream, they can also make Akita dogs a challenge to train. Akita dogs are very protective dogs. They are highly protective of their owners and

  • Akita Dog Origin and History

    Akita Dog Origin and History

    The Akita, or Akita Inu, dog breed originates from the mountainous northern region of Japan, in an area called the Akita Prefecture. A favorite breed of the Japanese people the dog is valued there as a national treasure and statues of the dog are common throughout the country. The Akita

  • Akita Dog Profile

    Akita Dog Profile

    Origin: Japan Life Expectancy: 10- 12 years Height Range: 26-28 inches Bitches- 24-26 inches Weight Range: 75-120 Ibs Colors: Any color. May have a dark mask. Temperament: The Akita is very spontaneous and docile. A very good family dog who is affectionate with others. This dog is also very courageous

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