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  • Afghan Hound History

    Afghan Hound History

    Origin: The Afghan Hound is a very ancient breed. This dog has been mentioned several times in the Egyptian papyruses as well as pictured in caves of Northern Afganistan more than 4,000 years ago. This beautiful sighthound was used as a shepard and hunter for many centuries, hunting such game

  • Afghan Hound Personality Traits and Characteristics

    Afghan Hound Personality Traits and Characteristics

    The Afghan Hound is one dog you shouldn’t get if you aren’t fond of cats. This is because Afghan Hounds and cats are very similar in terms of personality even though they are of different species. The Afghan Hound is the wrong dog breed for you if you want a

  • Afghan Hound

    Afghan Hound

    Origin: Afganistan Life Expectancy: 12-15 years Height Range: 25 to 29 (males) / 23-27 (females) Weight Range: 50-60 Ibs Colors: Any color is admissable for this type of breed. Most are found with light cream colors or markings. Temperament: Very sweet, loyal, effectionate, and sensitive with a very low dominance

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